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Scientific Research

Publications, peer reviewed

Journal articles

Brinck, L. (2018). Funk Jamming in New Orleans. Musical interaction in practice and theory. International Journal of Music Education 36(3), 430-446. Sage Publications

Brinck, L. (2017). Jamming and learning: Analysing changing collective practice of changing participation. Music Education Research 19,2 (p. 219-35). Taylor & Francis

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Brinck, L. (2008) Musikeren som underviser – underviseren som musiker [The musician as teacher – the teacher as musician]. Rhythmic Music Conservatory. E-book. Retrievable (in Danish) at https://www.rmc.dk/en/research/musician-teacher-teacher-musician#.XAbDyyeNyj4


Brinck, L. (ed); Lykke, C.; Rønn-Poulsen, D.; Jacobi, N. & Kjærgaard, S. (2018). Egne Veje. Udvikling af en skabende musikpædagogik. [Personal Paths. Developing a creative music pedagogy]. Rytmisk Musikkonservatoriums Forlag

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Book chapters

Brinck, L. & Anderskov, A. (2019) Becoming a researching artist. Situated perspectives on music conservatory learning and teaching. In Gies, Stefan & Sætre, Jon Helge (2019).Becoming musicians – student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education. Oslo: The Norwegian Academy of Music.

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Brinck, L. (2018). “I’m Just the Bass Player in Their Band”: Dissolving artistic and educational dichotomies in music education. In C. Christophersen & A. Kenny (Eds.), Musician-Teacher Collaborations: Altering the Chord (pp. 193–203). New York: Taylor and Francis.

Brinck, L. (2016) At fortælle en fornemmelse [Telling a Sensation] in Anne Gry Haugland (ed): Kunstneriske Udviklingsvirksomhed, antologi 2016 (p. 78-95). Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatoriums Forlag

Brinck, L. (2011). Kollegial supervision med kunstnerisk tilgang [Collegiate supervision from an artistic perspective]. In Andersen, H.L. & Bager, L.T. (Eds.): Kollegial supervision som udviklingsredskab i undervisningskulturer (p. 89-96). Aarhus Universitets Forlag

Book reviews

Brinck, Lars. “THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE SINGER-SONGWRITER.” Journal of Popular Music Education, vol. 3, no. 1, 2019, p. 154+. Gale Academic Onefile, Accessed 2 Dec. 2019.

Proceedings, refereed

2017   Analyzing collective artistic production as learning. (Auto-)ethnography in longitudinal fieldwork. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2016, Leuven University, Belgium. April 2017

2015   Ways of the Jam. Collective and improvisational perspectives on learning. Nordic Network for Music Educational Research (NNMPF), Helsinki

2015 Musical activism towards equality among youths in the Nordic countries.. Nordic Network for Music Educational Research (NNMPF), Helsinki

2013   Bringing Drumsticks to Funerals. Jamming as learning. 16th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, (ICQI2013) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL. USA

2010   Improvisation as a collective creative process. Concepts of participation in a semiotic scope. Leeds International Jazz Conference (LIJF) 2010

Publications, not peer reviewed

Essays, e-books

Brinck, L. (2015) Start med musikken [Start with the music]. Musikeren, 01, 2015

Brinck, L. (2014) Kunstnerisk og pædagogisk praksis [Artistic and educational practice]. Modus 08. 2014

Brinck, L. & Skov, P. (2013) Tværkunstneriske læringsmiljøer [Cross-artistic learning environments]. CAKI Center for anvendt kreativitet og innovation. www.caki.dk

Brinck, L., Marstal, H. & Tanggaard, L. (2012) Mere flamme, mindre citron [More flame, less lemon]. Essay. Dagbladet Information, 13 March 2012

Brinck, L. (2008) Musikeren som underviser, underviseren som musiker. Om evaluering af undervisning i rytmisk improvisatorisk musik set i Ønskekvistmodellens perspektiv [The musician as teacher, the teacher as musician. Evaluating music teaching in the perspective of the Wishbone Model]. e-book, http://www.rmc.dk/Research link til pdf-version

Presentations, not refereed

2017   –Jamming, learning, collectivity. Changing practices of Soccer and Music. Conference presentation and dialogue with professor Ana Maria R. Gomes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. @ ’Situated Learning Theory Revisited’, Danish School of Education (DPU), University of Aarhus, April 2017

–Jamming, læring [Jamming, Learning]. Educational Programs’ Alumni Association. Danish School of Education (DPU), University of Aarhus, March 2017

–At skabe sammen. Kollektive kreative processer i praksis og teori. [Creating together. Collective creative processes in practice and theory]. Northern Jutland Cultural Schools. Seminar, January 2017

2016   –Børns møde med kunsten. Netværk eller institution? [Children’s Encounters With Artists]. www.bmmk.dk. March 2016

2015   –Educational contexts. Learning as a social, relational phenomenon. Holstebro Music School, January 2015

–Jamming og læring. Vi udvikler sammen, når vi finder på – sammen [Jamming and learning. We grow together when we make up stuff – together]. Conference presentation at LATTA– Developing Creative Language Skills Through the Arts. Lyngby, Denmark, March 2015 http://www.lyktan.net/latta/LATTA-boken-danskW.pdf

2013   –Musical Communication in Practice and Theory. Presentation, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, Dep. af Education, October 2013

–Ways of the Band. Ways of the Jam. From context to practice. Slow Science Institute, University of California, Berkeley, CA, October 2013

2012   –Læring som forandret deltagelse i praksisfællesskaber [Learning as changing participation in communities of practice]. Skanderborg Cultural School. January 2012

In progress
Collective creative practice as learning. A dialectic perspective on rock bands writing songs together. (funded partly by Danish Ministry of Culture).

Promoting Cooperative Creativity (PCC). (funded partly by Danish Ministry of Culture)