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About Andros

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades.
A two hour boat ride from the port of Rafina (half an hour's drive from Athens intl. airport), appears the island of Andros with its 380 km² and approx. 9,000 inhabitants. Andros' main town, Andros Chora, houses approx. 4,000 inhabitants and is the administrative center of the island. Andros' hospital is also located here.
Andros has no airport and few tourists (mostly Greek).

Life on Andros is 'slow'. Many villagers are self-sufficient in vegetables, fruits,
spices, meat from sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, geese and fish. You make your own wine and raki, olive oil, olives, different cheeses, dried nuts, etc. Sailing from Rafina to Andros feels like moving into another historical and cultural time zone.

Andros has countless beautiful beaches. You can find one all to yourself, or you can spend days on one of the more popular beaches  with sun beds, a cafe and a tavern. Getting to the beaches requires either going by (often 4x4) car or hiking – or both. Our village of Koxylou has its own beach (Borro) that you can walk or drive to - or go by boat (to be rented in Ormos).

On Andros you find
- tranquility and immersion with the world's best views!
- a traditional village life among welcoming neighbors
- the best of traditional Greek cuisine - prepared from local ingredients
- plenty of opportunities to hike!
- swimming on beautiful beaches
- beautiful monasteries and churches
- cozy cafes and shop environments in Chora and Ormos Korthi

There is also the possibility of climbing rock walls, visiting the island's stalactite caves or sailing from Ormos to visit remote beaches. But as there are not many tourists, this must be booked at local inhabitants. We are happy to help.


Walking towards Achla Beach