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Hiking on Andros

Here you’ll find info about Andros’ unique hiking options

The paths

With the help of volunteer hikers from around the world, 150 km of Andros' 'donkey roads'– the island's infrastructure before roads were built – have now been restored. These paths provide a vast landscape of hiking routes across the island.
The paths are carefully recorded and numbered on maps and are described, marked and 'divided' into trips of different lengths and 'severity'. On the routes you pass through villages, old monasteries, remains of ancient castles, churches and chapels, taverns and beautiful, well kept terraces with livestock and vineyards.

One hundred kilometers of the paths forms a continuous walking route across the island. Known as the Andros Route, this continuous path can be walked at a reasonable pace in 10 daily sections. Like all othe restored paths, the Andros Route is fully way marked and sign posted according to European standards.
In 2015 the Andros Route received the hiking quality certification “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe” from the European Ramblers Association. Andros is the first and so far the only island in Europe to hold this distinguished hiking certification.

Maps and info

Please confer with Andros’ official hiking site for more info.

Hiking towards Agina Beach