Spring til indhold

About Koxylou

'Koxylou salinkariu' means 'shell of the snail', – making Koxylou an appropriate name for the village, sheltered as in a snail's house on a hillside on the east side of Andros overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Koxylou hosts 600 inhabitants during summer and about 100 during winter time.

The houses were all originally combined farm and living houses, now mainly changed into
pure living spaces. There are still some farmhouses left, and the sound of donkeys, hens, and cows is all you hear. 

Getting to the different houses in the village involves parking the car on one of three parking lots on the outskirts of the village and then walking to the houses along the narrow mule paths that make up the 'roads' in the village.

Transportation of materials (including building materials) takes place on the residents' donkeys or on the local premises logistician, Dimitris', mule.

In Koxylou you'll find peace and quiet!

Every day in the afternoon, (mostly) the men from the village meet at the local cafe [kafenion]. Today's exchange is here news, playing backgammon or card games. 

And for every holiday - the Greek Catholic Church celebrate many of those – the village's inhabitants meet in one of the two churches for services and ceremonies, most often followed by socializing at the cafe.